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Graphic design initially hooked me; the nerdier side of coding reeled me in. I am self-taught. The learning process never ends, which is just perfect because I am having too much fun doing what I do! Much of what I love in helping people get online is the social part of it. I am passionate about social media and it’s greater impact. I recognize that while some; maybe most of my clients will embrace the social aspect of the web for promotion, others still, just as soon leave that aspect in my hands – I get it.

Whatever your needs or desires – or fears, of taking your blog or biz online, I am here to hold your hand through all of it. I believe that each project is unique and I relish the process of getting to know a person; a business; a character, and from there – distilling a brand.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m a pug-owned, tennis and bicyle-lurvin girl who is more often than not, working on various interior design and remodeling projects in my spare time. I live in LA and love me some sunshine, and I have a weakness for the color orange! You can also find me on Twitter and Goggle +




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